Last Updated: 2022-09-09

WeChat is interoperable with Weixin, such that WeChat users are able to communicate with Weixin users and view each other's Moments and Status posts. You may also be able to use certain features operated by Weixin. Below is the list of features operated by Weixin here. We may from time to time revise this list. We will update the revised list here along with the "last updated" date.

When you use any features operated by Weixin (or your WeChat contacts invite you to use certain features operated by Weixin), your profile information and any other information you or your WeChat contacts disclose about you may be retained, shared, or stored by Weixin in accordance with the Weixin Privacy Protection Guidelines and not the WeChat Privacy Policy:

Weixin Open Platform

The Weixin Open Platform is operated by Weixin. Services offered via the Weixin Open Platform are developed, operated, and owned by third parties (unless otherwise stated in the relevant service terms). When you interact with such services, your information will be collected, retained, shared and/or stored by the relevant service in accordance with their own privacy policy. Third parties may offer their services via the following Weixin Open Platform services: